Dealing with stress at work – top tips

Stress is one of the biggest hazards in the workplace and dealing with stress can be difficult. Work-related stress can be caused by a variety of factors like harassment, extreme work pressure, Demands of the job, clarity of role, levels of control, support, relationships, role changes.

There are 4 categories of stress management:

Cognitive Ways

Emotional Ways

Physical Ways

Behavioural Ways

Your thinking pattern is influenced by your value system and creates an internal dialogue of what you believe you "must" and "should" be doing. An important cognitive method of coping with stress, is to challenge unhelpful thinking by considering what connections you are making in your mind.

Additionally, physical tools for controlling stress involve releasing energy generated by anxiety in a positive way, by working directly on the body. Feeling fit and energetic often has a positive effect on self-esteem and makes us feel better prepared to cope with juggling all of life's demands. You can try muscle relaxation, exercise, engage to social activities and choose a healthier diet and lifestyle avoiding alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances.

Remember! Time management techniques are an essential tool in stress management. When your stress is mostly work-related you can try creating a list that will help you manage your time and change your attitude towards work-related issues. This list includes:

  • Try focusing on one thing at a time and not overwhelm yourself.

  • It is okay to say no. Feel confident enough to set your boundaries.

  • Be prepared for your meetings.

  • Respond to your tasks and deal with them.

  • Be clear when you give instructions to your colleagues.

  • Ask for clear guidance and instructions.

  • Manage your time effectively and be thoughtful of the people that work with you.


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