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Mental Health at work and looking after yourself

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This course shifts the focus from what the company can do in terms of ensuring mental wellbeing in the workplace, to what the individual can do to protect their mental health at work.

At the workplace, employees can be prone to high pressure and stressful situations, especially through times of rapid change or excessive workloads. All of this can challenge our mental health and wellbeing, so this course helps to provide individuals with the knowledge and advice they need to ensure their mental health is well looked after whilst at work.

This course covers:

  • what is resilience?

  • how resilient are you?

  • hints, tips and tools that can help to develop resilience

  • the warning signs of poor mental health – physical symptoms and behavioural indicators

  • facing change and positive thinking

  • how to look after and preserve your mental health

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“Marshalls new course, ‘Let’s talk about race in the workplace’ is a real eye opener and so thought provoking.

I have so many notes and will make sure this appears on the agenda at our next board meeting. It’s ongoing and so important.

It’s crucial as a business owner to learn, understand and put positive actions and best practices in place.”

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