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Unconscious Bias

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Many forward-thinking organisations are waking up to the benefits of Unconscious Bias training. It won’t uncover all the hidden prejudices in your organisation but it’s a great start.

Our original Unconscious Bias elearning course ‘Breaking Habits’ was one of the first on this challenging topic to appear in the UK. This, and many of our diversity and inclusion course are developed with ENEI - the UK's leading employer network on equality and inclusion in the workplace.

We gravitate towards people who look like us, sound like us and have similar social backgrounds. We’re all biased, but we can overcome our biases and begin to build more open, inclusive and effective organisations. This 30-minute course will help you take the first steps.

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All courses are checked and endorsed by law firm Shakespeare Martineau. This ensures every OnDemand Elearning course is legally compliant and updated to include the latest legislation.

“Marshalls new course, ‘Let’s talk about race in the workplace’ is a real eye opener and so thought provoking.

I have so many notes and will make sure this appears on the agenda at our next board meeting. It’s ongoing and so important.

It’s crucial as a business owner to learn, understand and put positive actions and best practices in place.”


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