Black Lives Matter and Inclusion within the workplace

On the 25th May, the world witnessed the shocking killing of African American George Floyd at the hands of police brutality. This shocking incident, sparked a wave of protests around the world calling for renewed efforts to reform police procedures, …
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Staying Productive While Working from Home

The current pandemic has resulted in many millions of people working from home. Many have been strictly office based up until this point, and so it marks a significant shift in terms of the working day. Even before these difficult circumstances, …
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Looking after your Wellbeing in changing times

It’s important as individuals that we look after our wellbeing at work, especially in changing times. The three areas focused on in this short insight are your physical, emotional, and social wellbeing, each of which can be influenced when experiencing …
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Dealing with stress at work – top tips

Stress is one of the biggest hazards in the workplace and dealing with stress can be difficult. Work-related stress can be caused by a variety of factors like harassment, extreme work pressure, Demands of the job, clarity of role, levels …
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Walking stick

Age Discrimination – under the radar?

We all know discrimination takes place, but what do we see to be the most common or most talked about? Age discrimination is often not taken seriously enough, but it is like any other form of discrimination in that it …
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Different People

Recruitment and Selection – Discrimination

Recruitment and Selection is a key component of any organisation. Getting this process right is crucial to having a successful business as it ensures you have the right personnel. It is important that discrimination does not occur at any stage …
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Person surrounded by stress

How can we manage stress at work?

Everyone will experience some form of stress during their work life, but it is important to try and manage stress wherever possible. The manager and organisation plays a role in reducing employee stress but the employee also has a part …
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Interview Questions – What Questions to Avoid

A large part of the recruitment process is the interview stage. It gives the recruiter an opportunity to ask questions to the candidate to see whether they think they are suitable for the role. This blog discusses several interview questions …
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Social Categorisation and Attitude Formation

Have you been in a situation where somebody automatically assumed something about you, your interests, hobbies or talents that was not true? Have you ever made an automatic assumption about somebody in work or in your social life that you …
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“Marshalls new course, ‘Let’s talk about race in the workplace’ is a real eye opener and so thought provoking.

I have so many notes and will make sure this appears on the agenda at our next board meeting. It’s ongoing and so important.

It’s crucial as a business owner to learn, understand and put positive actions and best practices in place.”

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